Thursday, June 28, 2007

Everything & the kitchen sink

Ended up putting several items on this scavenger hunt list that fit well in this sketch ~ the kitchen sink, flowing water, cleaning supply (dishsoap), draped dishcloth, cooking pot, & dishdrainer. I've alway found metal objects hard but by working to observe the light and color actually present rather what one "thinks" one sees, it becomes easier to represent.

Nose studies

Noses are fascinating ~ they come in so many shapes and sizes! I did studies of an assortment on this page ~ babies from work, some from folks I watched while out running errands, my kitties, and my own.

Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory is here in Flagstaff. It is where they discovered Pluto and it is one of the reasons that Flagstaff is a "dark" city. This means that there is not an excess of light pollution at night so it doesn't adversly affect the observatory. The street lights are dim and allow little light to escape upwards. Makes star viewing a pleasure here! The milky way glows at night, something no longer visible in most cities.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Button Jar

I am the host for the current Wet Canvas Scavenger Hunt #45, meaning that I got to make the list of things to draw over the next 9 days! Fun and challenging to come up with a list that will be interesting for everyone to draw. Since I am starting a sketchbook on Flagstaff, I choose several items that could be included in both. Also included are ordinary everyday items that one finds at home. My first sketch for this hunt includes my button jar (something transparent & fasteners of some type) and a pink cream pitcher (something pink). I overworked this a little, but am still pleased with the results!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This building sits at the top of the hill and I look out on it from my apartment. Every morning, the early morning sun lights it up and it contrasts against the deep blue of the Arizona sky. It fit the bill when this current scavenger hunt called for a landscape with a fence.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


As my friends know, I love bunnies! I have several stuffed ones as well as quite a few figurines so when this hunt called for a sketch of a figurine and a stuffed animal, I had lots to choose from!

My Sketch Kit

This little sketching kit goes just about everywhere with me! The green folding water basket makes it easy to paint just about anywhere without having to carry a lot of bulky stuff with me. Just a water bottle and this kit and I'm ready to sketch!

San Francisco Peaks

Driving up the street on my way home, the setting sun made the peaks glow. I stopped and sketched this from the parking lot of the grocery store. One of the things I love about Flagstaff is how it is tucked into the forest and from many places you can get unspoiled views like this.


A neon sign? Not what I would think of to draw! Wanted something a little different that the usual "open" sign that you see, so when I stopped at Sonic for some dinner one night, I thought this corner of the restaurant might make an interesting sketch.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Memories of Mexico

In 1984, I made a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico with my mother. It was fun to look through the old photo album and remember the trip and think about what items I have from Mexico that I could sketch to go with the photo album. The earrings are from Mexico, but were actually a gift to me in High School from my best friend growing up. She brought them back from Mexico after attending a Senior Girl Scout trip there. The handpainted plate was one of several that were given to me by an elderly friend of the family many years ago. Miss Jessie had travelled the world and this is one of the things she brought back from Mexico in the early 1900's. I saw many more like it when we visited the markets in Mazatlan!

Drafting Supplies

One of the items on this Hunt's list was to draw an object that describes your current or former occupation. I had a tough time deciding what to draw but when I realized that another item on the hunt list was "something orange", that decided it. I don't have very many things that are orange in my home, but I do have bright orange drafting triangles! I worked for nearly 10 years as a Structural Drafter/Engineering Techician in the days before computer aided drafting took over.